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Looking After Your Salad Leaves

How do you usually look after your salad leaves?

It’s unlikely to be something you really think about when buying salad in your weekly shop, but here at Perfectly Fresh!, taking care of our leaves is one of the top priorities.

We grow and develop fresh, quality crops in optimum conditions all year round, using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology. Our ‘grown-up’ salad not only tastes great and lasts in your fridge for longer but is super nutritious too.

High Quality of Care

The high-care process starts at the beginning with tiny seeds. They’re carefully cleaned before being placed onto plant-based substrates within growing trays. These trays are then filled with filtered water, to give the seeds the nutrients they need to grow.

These trays are then stacked high onto sturdy shelves and are left to grow under intelligent lighting, with filtered air blown gently around the farm. This recreates an outside environment, without bringing in any potential pests and bacteria!

When the plants are fully grown, our expert team carefully harvest the leaves. These are then packaged within the high-care farm environment, before making their way out to supermarkets for you to enjoy!

How You Can Look After Your Salad at Home

Simple things can make a big difference when it comes to looking after your salad leaves to ensure you’re getting the best out of it.

Creating better storage

Creating better storage to care for your salad is as easy as being mindful to not squash the leaves under other heavy fruits or vegetables in your salad drawer.

No washing!

Our high-care environment is designed to ensure that leaves are fresh and clean from the get-go. We do not use chemicals or pesticides. We don’t grow in soil so our leaves can be eaten straight from the bag, no washing necessary!

Eating your leaves without washing them helps the leaves to stay fresher for longer, as they aren’t damaged or weakened in the washing process.

Utilise their full flavour in an exciting dish

Home-cooked meals always taste better with fresh ingredients, and our salad is the perfect addition to many dishes, whether you’re using it within a main meal, or creating a side salad or garnish. Exciting recipes can make a big difference to the taste experience!

These steps all come together to create crisp, fresh, and intensely flavoured salad for you to enjoy.

Field of purple and green seedlings