Our Story So Far

Born from an intention to solve problems sustainably, Perfectly Fresh! is committed to delivering delicious British salads, grown in high-care conditions all day, every day.

We are building on our extensive horticultural growing experience, refined in our commercial farm, means there is no need for pesticides to be used whilst growing, and no need to wash after harvesting.

The result? A fresh and flavourful salad, with quality that lasts longer and is grown in the UK, all year round.

Bowl of Salad

We began to research which fresh and flavourful leaves grew best in our first small R&D facility.


Field of seedlings

We established the groundwork for our first fully-fledged Vertical Farm in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.


Vertical Farm

We upgraded our R&D facility, enabling us to develop our innovation pipeline.


R&D Facility

We opened the doors to our new 1,1002 Vertical Farm in Cheshire.


Vertical Farm Entrance

We joined the M&S family, supplying Perfectly Fresh! salad leaves to customers in the UK.


M&S Shopfront

We launched two new premium mixed salads with M&S, the first vertically farmed salad bags in their history.


M&S Packaging