Bowl of salad

British and Delicious

Our 'grown-up' salad not only tastes great, it lasts in your fridge for longer too. We harvest, pack and despatch our salads within 24 hours for longer lasting freshness.

Introducing our line up of fresh and flavourful salad leaves...


Robust & Peppery

Recognisable by its peppery flavour, watercress is best scattered into salads, stuffed into sandwiches, or blended into delicate soups, and can add real heat to stir-fries as a non-traditional option.

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Lemon & Zesty

The long leaf of this plant gives texture and balance to sauces as well as providing a lemony top note to countless dishes. Sorrel is particularly great with fish!

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Sweet & Crisp

Tiny leaves with a bold flavour, Pea Shoots have small leaves and long stems that taste sweet and crisp. Whizz this fresh and flavourful plant into pesto, garnish pretty pasta or sizzle in a stir-fry.

Logos describing the leaves