Greens with Altitude.

From seed to salad, Perfectly Fresh! use Oragen Group’s Controlled Environment Agriculture technology (CEA). Carefully controlled conditions in our farms enable a high-care environment, ensuring quality and safety at every stage of the process.

We give our plants exactly what they need; feed, light, temperature and water.

In our closed environment, growing without soil means we aren’t just pest free – but there is no need to wash our leaves, giving us better shelf life.

Greens with Altitude
Vertical Farming

First, our seeds are cleaned.

The seeds are then placed on plant-based substrates within growing trays. Without the need for soil, our farms are pest and pesticide free.

Taking Root
Smooth Sailing

The trays are filled with enriched filtered water to give the seeds the nutrients they need to grow.

Stacked high onto sturdy shelves, they are left to thrive, bathed in intelligent lighting.

In the Spotlight
A Breath of Fresh Air

Clean filtered air is blown through the farm, maintaining the ideal climate.

When the time is right, and the plants are fully grown and perfectly tasty, our expert team pick and package them, ready for our customers to enjoy.

Harvested with Care

Enjoy delicious British salad leaves grown in perfect conditions all day, every day.