Deteriorating global soil health, greenhouse gas emissions from international fruit and vegetable imports, dwindling growing spaces - Great British agriculture is in need of support, now more than ever.

Enter Perfectly Fresh! We believe vertical farming is a viable, long-term solution for the future of food.

On our journey to Net Zero status, we're always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Whether that’s in our purified, recycled water or our search for better packaging and renewable energy sources - we're here to do our bit.

Field of purple and green seedlings

Less Waste

Our salads have a longer shelf life, meaning less are thrown away. We’re aligning with UN Sustainability Development Goals to halve per capita global food waste by 2030.

Less Land

Thanks to vertically stacked layers less land is needed to grow our leaves, compared to conventional farming. This reduces the pressure on the land, allowing it to recover and become more productive in the future.

Less Pollution

Our high-care environments do not need pesticides that might once have leaked into our rivers and waterways.

Bowl of salad leaves

Our way of farming and the controls we have in place come together to create crisp, fresh and intensely flavoured salad. Success!