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High Care Environment at Perfectly Fresh

At Perfectly Fresh, we pride ourselves on being able to share that high care is the top priority within our farms.

What Does High Care Mean? How Does it Make Us Different to Others?

High care means to create a growing environment that is truly pathogen-free, with produce protected from any outside risk. The Perfectly Fresh production facilities are controlled and risk-managed at every opportunity, to ensure our produce is the highest quality possible.

A High Care Environment

Processes and measures have been put into place to create this high care environment.

For example, anyone entering the farm must first change into fresh, clean clothing, wear a hairnet, and then put on a head-to-toe protective suit and clean shoes.

This process means that high care starts before we even enter the farming areas.

From Seed to Shelf

In addition to the above, all seeds we use are sterilised before being planted into a fibre substrate. This is then placed within a growing tray filled with water that has been filtered. Even the air that is blown throughout the farm is filtered, to ensure the cleanest environment possible!

Our salads are grown, harvested, and packaged within this controlled environment, ensuring no risk of outside contamination. These measures all offer assurance on our produce as a ready-to-eat salad, with no need to wash before eating.

Why High Care is Important to Perfectly Fresh

With conventional salad production requiring washing to remove any chemicals, dirt, or bacteria, wetting the leaves greatly reduces shelf life, leading to unused produce and waste.

All risk-mitigation is done to ensure our plants don’t need to compromise on quality. That’s why creating a high care environment is important to us, guaranteeing we deliver the freshest greens.

Workers working on leaves
Worker looking over seedlings