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Winter Salad Recipe Ideas

What’s your favourite winter recipe?

As the days get shorter, and the chill in the air pushes us towards cosy jumpers and thick socks, it’s typical to want to reach for hearty soups or stews rather than salads. But that doesn’t have to be the case – winter salads are a great addition to your weekly meal plan!

Brace yourself for some winter freshness, bringing a burst of colour to your winter dishes. Here’s a round-up of some of the best winter salad dishes we’ve found!

Balsamic Berry Vinaigrette Winter Salad 

This salad brings together festive flavours with fruit and cheese mixed with any type of salad leaves, and tossed with a light and zesty dressing!

Brussels Sprout Salad

Are you a fan of brussel sprouts? A Christmas must-have, they’re great as an addition to a salad and work perfectly as a side to a wintery dish.

Roast Roots and Blood Orange Salad

Roasted root vegetables are great for winter dishes, es[ecially when parsnips are involved. Add this mixture to crisp, fresh greens to make a warming winter dish.

Spiced Feta, Pistachio and Clementine Salad

Remember finding a clementine in your stocking every Christmas morning? This winter salad brings together citrus, spices and freshness to create a delicious wintery salad.


How could you make your perfectly fresh salad more suitable for the winter months? Next time you’re thinking about meal plans, remember that salads can be just as good at this time of year!

Bowl of salad leaves