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Tips for Your First Veganuary

First Up – What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation, who use January as a 30 day challenge to inspire people to try being vegan. It’s a great way to try out a vegan diet and lifestyle, without making a full commitment straight away.

In their 2022 campaign, Veganuary inspired over 629,000 people to sign up and try a vegan diet, with participants being located in over 220 countries and territories!

Want to be part of their 2023 statistic? Read on for tips on completing your first Veganuary.

Create a Veganuary Meal Plan

As with any diet change, it can be tricky to navigate these changes at first. By planning out your meals in advance, you can find easy recipes to follow and give yourself time to re-stock the food in your fridge and cupboards with plant-based alternatives.

Here’s 10 vegan treats that might surprise you!

Batch Cook Your Lunches

Need quick lunches throughout the week for work? Batch cook using the recipes you’ve found, and you’ve got a few portions to take you through the week. We’ve compiled a list of comfort food vegan friendly dishes and they’re ideal for using as leftovers.

Check out New Vegan Foods

With the vegan diet gaining more and more popularity each year, many shops, brands, and restaurants are continuously increasing their vegan and plant-based options. In fact, more than 1540 vegan products and menus were launched for Veganuary 2022.

It’s now easier than ever to go out to a restaurant and find a meat-free meal option, if not a few options!

Prepare for Snacking!

Nowadays there are generally plenty of vegan-friendly snacks available when out and about, so it’s much easier to pick something up on the go when needed. However, there are times when this becomes difficult, so it’s always worth carrying snacks (though we’d recommend this for any diet to help keep the hanger at bay!)

Team Up With a Friend or Partner

A challenge is often much easier to complete If you have someone to share your journey with. Whether you need that someone to share recipes with, try new things together or just someone to talk to about the experience.

Sign up to Veganuary Emails for Daily Support

The organisation has been created to provide support, so make use of it! Not only do they educate on the benefits, but they provide useful resources such as recipes to help you on your way. You can sign up for support emails here.

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