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What Makes Our Perfectly Fresh Salads Ready-to-Eat?

Our farms at Perfectly Fresh use a technology-based strategy that allows us to create the perfect conditions for our salad leaves to grow in. In doing this, our produce is grown within enclosed, high care environments.

Growing Process from Seed to Shelf

So what does our growing process look like at Perfectly Fresh?

First, our seeds are germinated on a plant-based substrate. These trays are filled with filtered water to provide the seeds with the nutrients they need to start growing.

Once established, the young shoots will then be stacked high onto vertical shelving. Here they are left to grow under intelligent lighting, with managed temperatures, and carefully controlled air flow to give them the ideal environment to grow in. As a result of using controlled environment agriculture technology, all leaves are safe from outside contamination and don’t require any pesticides during their growth.

Our expert team gently pick and package the leaves once they are fully grown. Ready to be sent out to supermarket shelves, ready to eat.

But Isn’t All Salad Ready-to-Eat?

Most of the salad leaves available in supermarkets require washing before being ready to eat. A food safe chemical, diluted in huge volumes of water is used before the leaves then have to be spun dried before being packaged.

Thanks to the high care environment within our farms, we eliminate all exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful bacteria. It means our salad leaves are as fresh as they can be and don’t need washing at all, whether that’s by us or by you.

Why do we avoid washing our leaves? Once washed the leaves can lose their sturdiness and become less robust. As a result, the wet leaves start to break down quicker. The shelf life is reduced, and food waste is more likely.

At Perfectly Fresh, we’re bringing freshness back to bagged salad.

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