How do you keep up with what’s going on in the world of sustainability and vertical farming?

We’ve rounded up some of the latest articles that have caught our attention this past month.

Our Zero Selby

This initiative, led and coordinated by Forum of the Future, is a citizen engagement to try and give agency to the people of the metro Selby area in choosing how to get to Net Zero. Dr Claire Burns and Dr Phill Davis from the R&D team in Selby are attending the launch event ‘Our Zero Selby’ to identify opportunities. This initiative offers the community to be part of something bigger, helping to achieve a fair and positive future.

Sustainable Buildings: How Sustainability Adds Value to Your Building

Sustainability can add value to a building, especially as the construction industry now moves towards net zero goals. Construction companies have started to consider how to lower their carbon footprint, in ways such as repurposing material where possible.

Bradford chosen for UK’s first sustainable high street scheme

Launched in 2021, the Green Street initiative helps to advise UK SMEs in the retail and hospitality sector on how they can improve sustainability across their organisation. This initiative is all about supporting these businesses and helping them to work together to become greener.–green-street–initiative-for-SMEs/

UK Partnership Launched to Tackle Agricultural Challenges

The UK Government has launched the UK Agriculture Partnership (UKAP) – a new forum in which stakeholders across the UK will work together to identify and improve collaborative working on issues facing the agricultural sector.

Sustainable agriculture is important in helping to solve some of the most pressing issues the world faces surrounding biodiversity decline, net zero targets and growing enough food for an increasing population.

National Highways announce new environmental sustainability division as it targets net zero

The new sustainability division will work to deliver the ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions to net zero across England’s motorways and major A-roads by 2050. This division aims to raise the profile of environment within the organisation, and the people involved will be looking at a new environmental strategy.

The Government-owned company has already started sustained actions towards decarbonising England’s motorways and A-roads, so it’ll be interesting to see how that progresses over the next few years.

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