Perfectly Fresh are Carbon Assessed!

We’ve achieved Carbon Assessed Status via The Carbon Footprint Ltd

From our CEO Emma Burke’s first days leading Perfectly Fresh forward,  our mission as a business has been unwavering; “Net Zero by 2030 – or earlier if you can”. Embedding this shared goal within our company values is a gift for a Sustainability Manager, enabling us to place each of our processes ‘under the microscope’ to learn more about how we can evolve and adapt.

Common practice within the food production industry is to tackle wastage and emissions reactively, continuously trying to persuade key stakeholders that ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) practices are worthwhile and not something to be left on the shelf.

At Perfectly Fresh, a more contemporary pro-active approach is taken to our impact on the planet. At the core of our operations is our commitment to operate and trade as sustainably as possible, staying transparent at all times and growing from any challenges, to better inform the next steps that we take. Our cumulative energy is invested into pre-empting and solving problems, rather than waiting until they present issues.

The route to Net Zero

As with any business pursuing this key accreditation, the goal is to fully understand our current position and those areas that could benefit from new initiatives, before any credible targets can be set. To ensure success, both suppliers and colleagues must be engaged, as Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions all combine to form our collective ‘carbon footprint’. Each unique footprint takes into consideration factors such as company facilities and vehicles, waste generated, transportation, distribution and many other variables. Auditing firm, GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol, share more information on scopes and emissions.

Perfectly Fresh began the task of identifying the right partner to help us redefine our own approach to Carbon emissions. The right partner required the credibility to establish trust, but the insight and understanding of the route needed to navigate through ESG during the first few years of trading on the way to global growth. This partner had to hold our feet to the fire, whilst offering relevant and accurate advice for a business of our scale.

After careful consideration, Perfectly Presh were proud to partner with the Carbon Footprint Ltd. The team have provided support and practical advice on roles, responsibilities and data collection to drive the project forward; vital for navigating through our initial assessment.

After collating volumes of invoices, purchase orders, expenses, meter readings and delivery notes as supporting evidence, the submission process entered it’s final chapter and was entered for review. Just one month later, we are now proud to announce that Perfectly Fresh are a ‘Carbon Footprint Assessed Organisation’.


Our pioneering team are very much at the start of our journey to Net Zero, with sincere intent on achieving this status in the near future. We take confidence from our Carbon Assessed Status and look forward to building on our commitments to ESG.

Each and every business faces choice and decisions, that dictate the mark they leave on the planet. Whilst some decisions may pose new challenges, Perfectly Fresh are committed to retaining sustainability at the core of every practice we undertake.

To support our journey to Net Zero, we will;

  • Proactively identify and act on, emission reductions.
  • Assess where can we either reduce or remove emissions from our operations in Scope 1,2 and 3.
  • Investigate how can we make the switch to renewable energy sources, demonstrating evidence of our choices.
  • Prioritise responsibility, choosing offset projects that will meaningfully prevent emissions or remove GHG’s from the atmosphere
  • Choosing projects that are GoldStandard or Verra certified, looking to fund innovations similar to this one to enable Carbon Footprint to certify us as Carbon Neutral.
  • Communicate regularly on our achievements and challenges within Perfectly Fresh.
  • Inspire change amongst the people within our business, our supply chain and clients.
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