Perfectly Fresh at the National Manufacturing Summit 2022

Did you catch our CEO Emma Burke speaking at the National Manufacturing Summit 2022 with Andrew Mellonie, Senior Agronomist at Marks and Spencer PLC?

In February they attended Day 2 of the event to share insight into ‘The Vertical Farming Solution’ as part of the Field to Fork theme, talking about what vertical farm is and the solutions that it provides in comparison to conventional farming methods.

If you missed it, watch the National Manufacturing Summit event on Manufacturing Technology Centre’s LinkedIn page to catch up!

What is the Vertical Farming Solution?

At Perfectly Fresh we are problem solvers. Our farming solution enables the development of fresh, quality crops in optimum conditions all year round – it’s always summer in our vertical farm!

The environment that we grow in has constant protection, with barriers to ensure that anyone or anything entering the space has been sanitised and checked. This high care environment ensures that our produce doesn’t need a wash to remove bacteria or chemicals before being bagged and distributed. It results in a drier and more robust leaf, providing a much longer shelf life when compared to produce that needs to be washed. No more soggy bagged salads!

“We believe water is for growing, and not for washing product with.” – Emma Burke

Vertical Farming uses technology to create the ideal growing environment for each plant. This technology means that we can grow produce all-year-round, with equal volume week in, week out. It also enables us to use less resources and less inputs to produce more product.

In addition to this, growing all-year-round has a positive impact on the environment. With improved British availability on produce such as salad leaves, it means we don’t need to air-freight produce from America or receive it on trucks from Spain or Italy throughout the year.

Transportation accounts for a quarter of CO2 emissions globally, so reducing this where we can is something that does make a difference.

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