Investing in Our Planet for Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day, putting focus onto how we act on climate. Creating a more sustainable planet, making changes, and acting on climate issues is something that requires everyone to play a part. Governments, businesses, and individuals can all make small differences through our choices and actions and speaking up has a big effect. Sharing sustainability tips is just one way to start making that difference.

At Perfectly Fresh, we use vertical farming as a way to produce more by using less resources, as well as removing the need for transportation from field to factory. We’re taking a pro-active approach to reduce our impact on the planet, committing to operate and trade as sustainably as possible. Read more about our practises, and how we recently achieved Carbon Assessed Status.


With a theme of ‘Invest in Our Planet’, we’ve compiled a list of sustainability tips and actions that you can take to help invest in our planet. Make a difference.

  1. Calculate your Carbon Footprint – See where you can make changes within your lifestyle.
  2. Organise or join a community clean-up. Help to create a better environment within your town or city.
  3. Switch to reusable bags. Avoid the plastic where you can by taking your own shopping bags out.
  4. Take up ‘Plogging’. This comes from a Swedish term, and is a fitness trend that combines jogging whilst picking up any litter found along the way!
  5. Eat more plant-based options. 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are associated with livestock production! Learn about your foodprint.
  6. Use a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing water in plastic bottles. Simple changes like this helps to save the environment, as well as saving your money!
  7. Choose environmentally friendly cleaning products, whether that’s from sustainable companies or by creating your own!
  8. Watch your electricity usage. For example, turn off lights when not in use, unplug appliances etc.
  9. Buy local food. Eating local produce reduces the carbon footprint of your food transportation, as well as helping to support your community.
  10. Share your story. Become a voice for change, and help to encourage those around you to make small differences within their lifestyles.


Do you have any sustainability tips to share with is? Get in touch via our social media to share your thoughts on creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

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