5 Advantages of Vertical Farming

There are a number of benefits to Vertical Farming but what exactly do they mean? Here’s a simple guide that shares five advantages to growing crops within a vertical, controlled environment.

#1 – Grow More, Use Less Space

Vertical Farms provide more growth surface compared to conventional growing methods due to the vertically stacked layers. It means that a Vertical Farm can on average contain as much as 6 times the growing space.

#2 – Consistent Crop Growth and Yields

Thanks to the specially designed climate, crops within a Vertical Farm are grown in the ideal environment at all times. It means the crop growth and yield stays consistent all year round, and as a result, food security is increased.

#3 – Protection From the Elements

Natural elements such as wind, rain, frost, draught and more can be detrimental the growth of crops grown outdoors, and the crop’s growth is very much reliant on the seasons throughout the year.

Crops grown inside within a Vertical Farming system don’t have to face these issues. As they are grown within a climate that has been specially designed to ensure the best growth, they’re protected from harsh elements all year round!

In addition to this, the fully controlled environment ensures crops are always protected from pests and bacteria, so even those worries are removed.

#4 – Water Use is Reduced

Vertical Farming systems vary enormously as they all use different technologies, with many operators claiming they use 70-95% less water than conventional farming methods. Unused water from the amounts used for plant consumption is usually recycled back around the system to remove any possibility of wastage.

#5 – Production Stays Local

As Vertical Farms take up such little space, they can be constructed within heavily developed areas in cities and towns. As a result, communities then have more accessibility to locally produced crops and don’t have to rely as heavily on transporting crops in – reducing the transportation carbon footprint.

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